I’ve had many people ask me the same question. “Where are you from?”

“Well, I’ve lived in Texas for seven years now,” I answer.

“No-o, where are you from?” they stress.

I know what they mean but I reply with either, “O-oh, yeah I’m from Mississippi” or “Well, I was born in Canada.”

If they are persistent, I will finally give them the response they have been fishing for. Yes, I’m Chinese. Yes, my parents are from China. Fantastic observation.

Of course, I am not at all ashamed of my ethnicity, in fact I revel in the fact that I am a Chinese American. Well, a Chinese Canadian American. Or going further, according to a confused classmate, a Chinese Canadian Norwegian American who has never once in her life set foot anywhere near Norway unless the distance from France to Norway somehow counts.

Though my appearance is what seems to first define me when I meet someone, I think a more prevalent question that would better describe my personality is “What do you like to eat?”

No matter where my family is, food has always been a focus that keeps life enthralling and worth exploring. My mom’s and grandmother’s cooking keeps me anchored to my “roots” and the different places around me fill in the gaps.

Great food can be come by anywhere, from the incredible hidden gems my older sister finds wherever she happens to be to our go-to comfort food southern restaurant that specializes in the best fried catfish and fried pickles that have ever graced this earth.

Over the years I have found that baking has been one of the best stress relievers I could ever hope to find. I discovered amazing recipes from David Lebovitz’s website and I have finally been convinced to document my baking experiences through food blogging.

I know that whatever I aspire to accomplish next, whether it be becoming a doctor, travelling around the world on a gastronomical adventure with friends, or simply turn in my AP Chemistry homework on time, I will always have the support of my family and friends surrounding me.


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